What is a Cajón?

So...What's a cajón?
If you know me personally you know that I love building cajóns! However, if you are like most people I run across you probably have no idea what a cajón is and not even sure how to pronounce it (fyi.. it's ka-hon) :-) Very simply, a cajón is a wooden percussion instrument that is in the shape a box. In fact, some people simply call it a 'box drum". 

I have been making hand-made and custom cajóns on the side for a few years now but have never taken that any farther than my own friends and local word of mouth references. Because of this, I was never focused on taking quality pictures or detailed descriptions of each drum as I just made one and handed it off. In fact, there were many cajóns I made and forgot to take that final snap shot before the customer left with it!

Here are a few pictures and videos from previous builds to give you an idea of what I make. I am in the process of building a few more and working on making a step by step to show you how its done!